The shares of F W Thorpe Plc are listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Exchanges where quoted and traded: London Stock Exchange AIM

F W Thorpe Plc is subject to the UK City Code on Takeovers and Mergers.

Number of ordinary shares in issue: 118,935,590

Number of shares held in treasury: 3,260,000

Percentage of shares held in treasury: 2.7%

Number of shares with voting rights: 115,675,590

Percentage of shares not held in public hands: 55.0%

Significant shareholders No. of ordinary shares held Percentage of shares with voting rights
Mr. A B Thorpe 27.6M 23.9%
Mr. I A Thorpe 25.0M 21.7%
Mr. C M Brangwin 7.7M 6.7%
Liontrust Investment Partners LLP 6.6M 5.7%


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