Business Model

Customers come to us for peace of mind. The correct technical solution, professional service, sustainability of products/services and the ability to support the customer during its warrantable life and beyond.

Our business model is focused on the needs of our customers and the marketplace, with a robust capital structure that underpins our ability to deliver sustainable growth, innovative products and excellent customer service.


  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Display
  • Hospitality
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Research & Development
  • Advertising
  • Infrastructure
  • Facilities
  • Housing


Target Customers

Those responsible for the whole life cycle cost of the products/services we supply

  • Manufacturing

  • Design & Development

  • Commissioning

Our Key Resources

  • Design & Innovation

    Products, software, lighting design

    Continuous product development

  • Talented People

    Continual development

  • Manufacturing Facilities

    UK - multiple sites, Europe - Netherlands, Spain

    Continual investment

  • Financial & Environmental Sustainability

    Financial stability, Carbon Offsetting Scheme


Our products are sold throughout the world. The Group management team is passionate about developing the business for the benefit of the shareholders, employees and customers. With the energy and ability of our staff we look forward to the future with enthusiasm. Our aim is to create shareholder value through market leadership in the design, manufacture and supply of professional lighting systems.

Our focus is for long term growth and stability, achieved through the following priorities:

Priority Progress to date Future Opportunities Associated Risks
Focus on high quality products and good leadership in technology Customers continually require new and innovative ways in which to reduce the operating costs of their lighting installations. There is also the requirement to reduce their environmental impacts.
  • Introduction of the SmartScan wireless system enhancing controls and emergency luminaire product ranges
  • Introduction of wireless controls and monitoring of street/amenity lighting
  • Introduction of new LED product ranges and existing ranges further enhanced
  • Access to lens and optical technology via investment in Luxintec
  • Further development of the wireless controls product ranges
  • Continuous research and development
  • Product acceptance
  • Initial product introduction
Continue to grow the customer base for Group companies With the continued investment in the product portfolio and the broad range of sectors we can service, the focus will be on expanding our customer base in new markets and territories.
  • Acquisition of a stake in Luxintec providing access to Spanish speaking markets
  • Industrial sector targeted in The Netherlands utilising Lightronics
  • Consider further sales offices overseas
  • Potential business development investment
  • Investment in sales personnel in the UK and overseas
  • Short term cost increase without immediate return
  • Prolonged time required to establish FW Thorpe brands in new territories
Focus on manufacturing excellence Along with continued product development, the need to innovate the production process is essential.
  • Re-organisation of assembly section at Thorlux
  • Investment in vertical storage units at various sites to improve space utilisation
  • Continued investment in manufacturing facilities
  • Reduced productivity whilst changes are implemented
  • Learning curve on introduction of new products and processes
Continue to develop high quality people One of our main sources of competitive advantage, it is imperative we continually develop and retain talent within the business.
  • Training and development
  • Apprenticeship scheme continues
  • Investment in Luxintec
  • Continued investment in training and personnel development
  • Ability to retain staff in competitive local job markets

Share Details


  • The shares of F W Thorpe Plc are listed on the London Stock Exchange.
  • Exchanges where quoted and traded: London Stock Exchange AIM
  • F W Thorpe Plc is subject to the UK City Code on Takeovers and Mergers.
  • Number of ordinary shares in issue: 118,935,590
  • Number of shares held in treasury: 3,260,000
  • Percentage of shares held in treasury: 2.7%
  • Number of shares with voting rights: 115,675,590
  • Percentage of shares not held in public hands: 55.0%
Significant shareholders No. of ordinary shares held Percentage of shares with voting rights
Mr. A B Thorpe 27.6M 23.9%
Mr. I A Thorpe 25.0M 21.7%
Mr. C M Brangwin 7.7M 6.7%
Liontrust Investment Partners LLP 6.6M 5.7%


  • Last Updated: 16th December 2016

Key Figures

Financial Highlights

  • Revenue £m
  • Operating profit £m
  • Basic earnings per share
  • Diluted earnings per share
  • Dividend per share

5 Year Highlights

12 months ended 30 June



Revenue (£'000) 88,946 73,544 61,352 55,332 55,559
Operating profit (£'000) 16,195 13,718 11,752 10,750 11,850
Profit before income tax (£'000) 16,269 14,395 12,552 11,526 12,658
Profit for the year (£'000) 12,999 11,704 10,319 9,518 9,940
Net assets (£'000) 90,707 82,364 77,287 72,540 66,813
EPS-ordinary (p)
11.24 10.12 8.83 8.12 8.48
Dividends - interim paid per share (p)
1.20 1.10 1.05 1.00 0.48
Dividends - final proposed per share (p)
2.85 2.55 2.20 2.00 1.46
Dividends - special proposed per share (p)
2.00 - 1.50 - -
Net assets per share (p) 78.4 71.6 66.8 62.0 57.0

Interim Results Highlights

6 months ended 31 December 2015
Revenue (£'000) 41,370 32,629
Operating Profit (£'000) 6,494 5,510
Profit before tax expense (£'000) 6,620 5,821
Profit for the period (£'000) 5,174 4,314

Interim results are unaudited.

Financial Calendar

2015 2016  
March 19th March 21st Announcement of interim results
April 7th April 7th Posting of Interim Report
March 26th March 24th Interim dividend - ex dividend date
March 27th March 29th Interim dividend - Registrar's record date
April 2nd April 5th Payment of interim dividend
September 17th September 22nd Announcement of results for the year
October 16th October 17th Posting of Annual Report and Accounts
October 22nd October 27th Final dividend - ex dividend date
October 23rd October 28th Final dividend - Registrar's record date
November 12th November 17th Annual General Meeting
November 19th November 24th Payment of final dividend

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